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"Space: The Final Frontier"


With NASA’S discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 system, this year’s QAK challenge wants you to explore space. Are you entranced by a particular constellation? Do you love the Moon? Jupiter’s rings? Do you ever imagine what the Mars Rover saw on its journey? Will Pluto always be a planet in your heart, or, do you want to try your hand at a different interpretation on landscape quilts?

NOW is the the time to interpret some aspect of outer space and turn it into a magnificent Quilt!

For extra inspiration, read about the discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 system at:

These quilts will be exhibited at the Berea Arts Council, Berea, KY in the QUILTS WITH A KICK ANNUAL SHOW. Dates to be announced.


SIZE: For the show to hang well together, we are limiting the size of the entries. They must be a minimum 31” on a side and maximum 40” on a side. They  can be square or rectangular. If the quilt falls within the size guidelines and is chosen as one of the top 8 quilts from all entries, then it will be considered for the AQS Ultimate Guild Challenge, which will be held in Grand Rapids in 2019.

For a cohesive showing this year, you must use “black” somewhere on the front of your quilt.

Qualifications: You must be a QAK member in good standing to participate. All dues must be up to date.

Construction: The quilt will consist of three layers ( a top, batting and backing). It must contain a running stitch that passes through all 3 layers. Additional layers of embellishment are acceptable. The Quilt cannot be framed with wood, metal, etc.
                                   “BLACK fabric” must be used somewhere on the front of the quilt.

LABEL: Attach a label that contains you name, address, phone number, email and the date of construction. Attach the label to the lower left hand corner of the back of the quilt.

HANGING SLEEVE/POCKET:  Place a 4” wide hanging sleeve/pocket on the top back of the quilt.

HANGING MECHANISM: If possible, please provide a dowel measured to the width of the quilt, making sure that it will not show beyond the edge of the quilt. If you must mail the quilt, then QAK will provide the dowel.

ENTRY FORM AND DELIVERY: To Print the contract:  Click on print, then open the file in "Preview" .  Click on the pages you want to print. or i can email you a contract.  Contact me at:

QUESTIONS:  For a copy of the show contract please contact:  Karen Riggins, or phone (859)753-5722

The wonderful quilt behind the scene on the website was made by Karen Riggins.  Karen is a founding member of KHQS and has served the organization in several capacities including President and QAK Coordinator.